What is SecureX?

SecureX is an application for secure storage of your passwords, notes, bankcards and data about them. We use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key length of 256 bits. This key is generated on your device and without it; no one can access your data.

Despite the serious internal structure, the application interface is simple, friendly and intuitive.

Stay sync with all your devices:

Our advantages:

  • Do not collect your personal data: just download and use it without registration.
  • Do not need internet to work with Secure. Data is always with you: abroad, in the forest or on a plane.
  • Protect your data from prying people: access via Face ID, Touch ID and/or PIN code.
  • Start to protect your data as soon as you add your first password, note or bankcard.
  • Use your data on multiple devices by connecting your Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud Drive. We do not have access to your data, and we cannot see it.
  • Autofill your passwords quickly and save you time. (Available on iOS 12)
  • Generate strong and unique passwords with our Password Generator.
  • Add credit cards with credit card scan using the camera on your device.
  • Share your passwords, notes, bankcards as the text message anywhere you need.
  • We cannot get your data, even if you really want. The key is stored only with you and we cannot pick it up, even if you ask us about it. Or not you. Especially if not you.
  • SecureX is also available on iPad and Apple Watch. Use Sync to keep your info updated from any device!
  • Additional security: Erase Data, Emergency PIN Code and Facedown Lock!


Average rate

100 000+

Installs worldwide



  • Passwords.

    All your passwords in one place.
    Organized. Encrypted. Secured.

  • Autofill.

    Save your Time
    and autofill your passwords

  • Security.

    Encryption AES-256, Face ID®,
    Erasing data, Facedown Lock,
    Emergency PIN Code

  • Photos.

    All your private photos
    in secure place

  • Bank cards.

    Quick and Easy access
    to your bank cards

  • Notes.

    Quickly add notes
    and Keep them Protected

    Premium features

    Backup and sync your data between your devices

    No limits for creation of bank cards, passwords and notes

    Additional security: Erase Data and Emergency PIN Code

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